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Do you by any methods searching for a neighborhood or global Bulk SMS Aggregator? All things considered, the need of great importance is to find a dependable SMPP Server Delhi that goes far to address your worries. To a degree, taking care of the instrument can be confounded. In the meantime, you need to make a point to have a maintained growth. To adequately deal with the matter of Bulk SMS, you can tally upon the SMPP server provided by us at Domaxy Pvt. Ltd. . We recognize territories and give arrangements that exclusively concentrates on the client's particular prerequisite.

How you remain to advantage with us
The SMPP server made accessible by us is a capable item that can help you to deal with the SMS business in the most ideal way. It has been composed such that it can work with any Kannel or any outsider applications, in light of the different accessible variants.

What more, with us, you can work the whole framework, without making utilization of any coding. The framework is made such that it can be worked by anybody and for the same, it doesn't require having any specialized information all things considered. For the same reason, the easy to understand web obstructions gives you a fabulous chance to make SMPP clients, therefore expanding the capability of your endeavor.

With us at Domaxy Pvt. Ltd. , there is no restriction. You can scale new statures and the SMPP server conveys on what it is implied for. It is basically about canny administration of the server. Regardless of the fact that the association is to some degree lost, the server guarantees to adjust the yield, by stacking and holding the messages at a steady rate.
Features of SMPP

  • It gives you a chance to stay associated specifically with different carriers
  • Can convey 200 messages for each second
  • Prefers to make utilization of short code
  • The status conveyance reports guarantees that your messages are received
  • 24x7 emotionally supportive network anytime of time
  • The server gives you a chance to import DND/Blacklisted numbers effectively through the web obstruction
  • By characterizing the Spam catchphrases, you can keep any spam messages
  • Based on your need, you can kill on and the server, as indicated by the prerequisite
  • You can divert the messages in way that let you get to the ease courses
  • Automated charging framework to characterize your credit esteem taking into account the district and the system

The SMPP server Provider Delhi at Domaxy Pvt. Ltd. expects to conveys on what you are searching for. Toward the day's end, it is about getting the essentials right and this is our main event best.

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Features & Benifits

(Below features only valid for SMPP Server Only)

Features of SMS Plus Messaging platform

  • Price based system.
  • Pricing assignments of a user are based on a country & operator pair that        validates against the coverage of different routes.
  • Separated HTTP and SMPP submission.
  • Available as web service for users to send messages.
  • Includes a desktop client for users not only to send messages but to manage        they contacts, groups and distribution lists.

Features of SMS Plus Messaging platform

  • Fast Delivery reports.
  • Also includes a web interface for sending messages, viewing profile, balance and        routing.
  • Supports multiple routing for a user for different vendors.
  • Prefix based routing only for special prefixes.


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