Benefits for Reseller

  1. Free Whitelabel Panel
  2. Sale with your Brand
  3. Add Unlimited Customers
  4. View/edit and Manage Customers
  5. View/edit and Manage Reseller
  6. Activate/Inactive Customers
  7. Transaction Log of Credit & Debit
  8. Customise Your Login Page
  9. Logo/Title/Favicon/background Customise
  10. Group/Phonebook Option
  11. Login Via Facebook Account
  12. Login Via Google Account
  1. 100% Responsive Panel
  2. Actual/Virtual Credit System
  3. Delivery Quality Setting
  4. Number Blocking
  5. Voice Approve/Disapprove
  6. Social Media Services Price Setting
  7. Notification on Every Activity
  8. SMPP Addition
  10. Customise SMS
  11. Realtime Repporting
  12. 99% Uptime/TPS Upgrade

Domaxy Pvt. Ltd. also extends its arms for reselling its marketing plans in the business of Bulk SMS Marketing for reseller in the country. We are open for associating with new partners who can associate with us by mutual partnership or by reselling our services of the SMS Marketing further. We provide you with spam free mailing services combined with high delivery rate, great speed, up time of Hosting server in India, which indeed makes reselling easier and more profitable. This includes the opportunity of White Labelling Panel SMS Reseller, which is the process whereby other people can sell the products of a company, under their brand through white labeled marketing. The company sells a white labeled product to its reseller and then that reseller gains the right to use that product or service under its own brand name.

This reseller can further sell this product to others. Also, each reseller is capable of keeping a track of the statistics of all the active users under him. Also, Domaxy Pvt. Ltd. gives its resellers complete authorised access whereby, you can activate, deactivate any reseller under you so that the records are maintained properly and any ineligible activities from any reseller could be halted. Domaxy Pvt. Ltd. ensures that the bulk mails queued for sending are not halted and are all sent in time, by utilizing Dedicated Server which increases the speed. Our services also assure you that the data and applications, used by all resellers will be maintained efficiently using the remote central servers. Our resellers are provided with some set inbuilt templates and even new templates are sent on every auspicious occasions. This helps in building reputation and making the Bulk SMS Reseller, Email marketing, Website Designing more effective.